The internet brought seismic changes for humanity. It had the power to bring people closer together and protect our rights. However, most experts agree that it didn’t quite work out that way. Large tech companies now give us our services “for free” – but in exchange we ourselves become the product. We surrender our control and privacy. We surrender control over our own identity.



But new technologies like blockchain are giving humanity another chance. Blockchain is a globally distributed database bound with an unbreakable chain of information. Universal and immutable, everyone can access it using their own personal key. It could allow all people to have sovereign control over their digital identity – if it is used in the right way. If it is used in a human way.



Over one billion people worldwide have no official identity, making them vulnerable to abuses like incarceration and human trafficking. That includes 230 million children under five, and ten million stateless people. Not only can a secure identity help defend their rights, but it can provide access to essential services like education, health and banking. It can enable them to be sovereign individuals.